Ultra-Luxury Apartments: What sets them apart from Luxury Apartments

Tuesday, August 27 2019

Buying a home is one of the most difficult choices that one has to make in life. Home buyers are exposed to a plethora of options before their eyes, with each project trying to outdo the other. Whether you search location-wise or developer-wise, you will be bombarded by options that are sure to add to your confusion. It is here that you need to filter these options into something more specific, something more elaborate.

For quality living in Kolkata, there is no better option than ultra-luxury apartments. In case you were wondering, these are a class apart from the luxury apartments that we are familiar with. Targeting the HNI segment, homes of this category are known for their sophisticated interiors and advanced facilities that contribute to an effortless living style.

An Overview that distinguishes Luxury from Ultra-luxury Apartments

Elevated levels of security

None of the luxury residential projects come close to what an ultra-luxury apartment has to offer in Kolkata. You can expect the highest standards of safety and security inside your home. Not just restricted to CCTV surveillance, homes are dominated by bio-metric-based features and ‘smart’ security options.

Increased privacy of residents

Discarding the trend of cluttered living in Kolkata, ultra-luxury apartments offer a living experience that is both private and exclusive to some extent. With features such as private lobbies and separate lifts, these homes ensure that you do not have to accidentally share spaces with crowds.

Designer home decor and fittings

Ultra-luxury apartments redefine the typical components of a home – these residences are defined by expensive interior design and top brands for its set-up. Homes are based entirely on the best materials and vast amounts of space to ensure that residences emit an aura of perfection.

Best-in-class amenities
With a lavish quality of homes come the extra perks. The best ultra luxury residential projects come with a rooftop swimming pool, indoor games room for a wide selection of options, well-stocked gym, etc. These residences allow you to actively pursue your interests within your comfort zone.

Stunning views from residences

Sharply contrasting the ordinary views from luxury residential projects, ultra-luxury homes takes views up a notch. From the interiors, you can get an aerial view of water bodies or a selected part of the city. Unlike the sights from regular homes, the view is highly appealing and captivating. Let’s take a look and see an ideal example of the same.-

THE 42- The Tallest Residential Tower in India

Most are already aware of the fact that THE 42 now owns the crown when it comes to the status of the tallest residential building in not just Kolkata but in India. In case you’re not aware, this tower is the result of the efforts of 4 leading real estate developers and 2 renowned architects. Regarding its placement, THE 42 has its roots in Chowringhee which also easy connectivity to several parts of the city in a heartbeat. Furthermore, a top selection of schools, hospitals, shopping centres, restaurants, etc. can be found in close proximity.

From a larger perspective, it is the result and representation of the dream to incorporate world-class standards of living in India’s interiors. Extending to a height of 260m, it is the accurate manifestation of what a ‘luxurious’ life should be. In fact, you can also watch the latest releases of films at THE 42’s private theatre. Leaving no stone unturned for an unparalleled living experience, here’s what you can find with THE 42:

  • 120 tons Damper Tank at the top for structural efficiency
  • Bio metric elevators for easy access to residences
  • Gold-level IGBC certification with solar-powered lighting, rainwater harvesting, etc.
  • Treated fresh-air system inside for cool and purified air
  • Concealed sprinklers to ensure safety from unexpected fires
  • Spaces for 404 cars and 187 luxury cars (with electric car charging points)
  • A 360-degree view of Kolkata’s interiors from the tallest viewpoint
  • World-class amenities such as spa, gym, mini-theater, lounge and bar, etc.

These are the highlights that come with THE 42 and its ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkata.
A refined and more advanced version of luxury residential projects, ultra-luxury homes take comfort and convenience up a notch. A home in any of these types of projects is sure to make life holistically fulfilling and rewarding.
Settle for nothing but the best.

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