Ultra-luxury Apartments Tailor-made for the Exclusive

Tuesday, April 16 2019

The combined efforts of the city’s top developers have led to a magnificent structure that extends to a height of 260m above sea level. Located at the prestigious venue of Chowringhee, The 42, is the tallest building in Eastern India. With the height comes a magnificent 360-degree view that travels past the horizons of the Howrah Bridge. Nothing comes close to witnessing the incomparable sight of Kolkata in all its glory. However, the view is just a facet of its existence.

The 42 has transcended the role of the quintessential residential property in Kolkata. Owning the status as a landmark, it has become a haven for those who crave the truest expressions of luxury. Blurring the lines between traditional elegance and contemporary privileges, The 42 awaits those who relish the aesthetic appearance of a modern home with its corresponding features.

Refined Living Spaces for a Class Apart:

Within the walls of the tallest building in Kolkata, one can find generous spaces designated for optimum levels of comfort. With huge floor-to-ceiling windows, bask in the radiant sunlight interspersed with fresh quality air. Notable to point out, there is a treated fresh air system that filters and modifies the air from outside. Even with the windows open, the cool air will continue to linger on.

These luxury flats come in the broad categories of 4 and 5BHK apartments, the epitome of spacious living. Comprised of the essentials such as elegant bedrooms and grand dining halls, it takes a higher stand to the ordinary. Apartments comprise two types of balconies on the basis of area. One comes with a dimension of 10.65 by 2m while the other comes with 8.5 by 4m.

State-of-the-art Safety Features for Residents:

While some may shed concern about the dominating height, one can be assured of its stability by the presence of a damper tank. This is placed on the top-most floor to protect the structure from wind pressure and earthquake-induced forces. The 42, Kolkata, is even designed to withstand an earthquake of 7.5 magnitudes.

At the same time, there are provisions in case of a fire outbreak. One feature that stands out is the use of concealed sprinklers. Without compromising the appearance on the interiors, the sprinklers are strategically placed inside the living spaces. Along with this, there is a water reservoir kept on the service floors in case of fires.

Green Building Characteristics of The 42:

Being a Gold-rated IGBC building, this magnificent structure does its own part to conserve natural resources and protect the environment. One can find solar-powered lighting present in selected areas plus provisions for rainwater harvesting at this residential property in Kolkata.

There is a system for waste management, i.e., the presence of a mechanical composter on the premises. The 42 also hosts its own water treatment plant that comprises of RO and water softening. Self-sufficient in itself, the tallest building in Kolkata is more than just a title.

Top Selection of Amenities for Unrivalled Comforts:

The 42 is home to a modern choice of amenities. Split into two areas, the amenities are spread across the 5th floor of the MLCP block and the 1st floor of the tower. Encompassing over 25,000 sq. ft. of land coverage, you can find facilities that fit into the majestic lifestyle of its luxury flats in Kolkata.

The Multi-level car parking block contains a clear and refreshing swimming pool, a delightful spa, steam and sauna, plus a banquet hall for various occasions. The first floor of the tower consists of a private mini-theatre, salon, lounge, and bar, along with provisions for indoor games such as billiards and chess.

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