Accomplish your Dream of an Ultra Luxury Apartment in Kolkata

Thursday, May 09 2019

Wealth is not a display of objects. Wealth is seen in the type of life you lead on a daily basis and what better way of living than in the tallest building in India?Extending to a height of 260m, The 42, Kolkata, represents the imagination of four top developers that aim to go past the traditional notions of luxury living. For that purpose, the tallest tower hosts some exclusive features for its residents, something that only a few are allowed to witness. The participation of leading builders assures the finest living experience in the city.

Embodying the aesthetics of contemporary living, the tallest building in India is home to grand apartments and top-notch facilities for its residents. Also possessing excellent security as well as eco-friendly features on site, The 42 is geared towards self-sustainability and independence in operation.

Surrounded by the cityscape of the city, one can find a crystal-clear view of Kolkata’s beauty from each of its Ultra luxury apartments in Kolkata. This is further supported by its huge floor-to-ceiling windows and triple-height balconies that will allow you to take in the sights. Inside, you will be welcomed by large spaces embellished by designer fittings, alluring colour schemes, and excellence in the overall design.

What makes living in The 42’s Ultra-luxury Apartments so desirable?

Directed towards the refined, The 42 poses new heights to the values of ideal living in the city of Kolkata. In order to carry this out, the developers and architects behind the project have carefully made arrangements that reflect this.

These living spaces are more than just vast areas and rooms. Rather, these reflect technology at its finest. Each apartment is equipped with a treated fresh air system inside. At the same time, it’s 4 and 5BHK luxury apartments in Kolkata come with the latest safety measures inside. This can be seen by the use of concealed sprinklers inside that are activated in case of fires.

As previously mentioned, the special air filter technology, or, the treated fresh air system, facilitates a pure and refreshing breeze inside the apartments. Even with the windows fully open, this technology treats the outside air and seamlessly mixes it with the cool air of the interiors.

Similarly, there are several contemporary facilities that can be seen at The 42, Kolkata. For instance, there are a total of 6 elevators for use. What stands out is the fact these run on the biometrics of residents, ensuring that nobody reaches your home unless you allow it. You can also forget the need to remember which floor to get off at. The 42 recognizes you and your home altogether.

Features of The 42, Kolkata:

Along with these interiors, one can find several features that add to its existing splendor in the city.

The structure: The tallest building in India stands as a tower with 64 floors in totality. Every 20th floor has the interval of a service floor in between. This is followed in order to ensure the structural efficiency of the tower. A damper tank is also installed at the top for the same purpose.

The view: Owing to its dominance in the city’s skyline, one has the opportunity to witness an entire 360-degree view of the full city from these luxury apartments in Kolkata. Ranging from the Victoria Memorial to the Howrah Bridge situated at a distance, you can expect to see a version of Kolkata you never knew existed.

The amenities: One can find the essential amenities that support the lifestyle of dreams. With The 42, Kolkata, there are several amenities that reflect the elegant style of living. For instance, one can find a swimming pool, indoor games room, mini-theatre, spa, and many such contemporary choices.

The safety features: The tower is fully equipped to handle emergencies regarding fires. Apart from the use of concealed sprinklers, there are a total of 15 number of water tanks reserved with a rough capacity of 10 lakh liters. Similarly, the service floors also contain water reservoirs in case of fire outbreaks.

Keeping the stylish needs of a progressive life in the city, living in the tallest building in India is sure to take your breath away. Life at The 42 is nothing less than fulfilling and rewarding. For achieving your dream of ultra-luxury apartments, the location of Chowinghee awaits your presence.

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