The Story of the gigantic Tricolour flag and THE 42

Thursday, January 26 2017

When the dictionary happens to have a word like ‘meticulous’ it sure had its good use during this year’s 69th Republic Day’s celebration at Chowringhee in Kolkata. The famed 250 metres tall tower of THE 42 hosted the highest and largest Tricolored National Flag of India.

Take into the account of the following facts and figures and it becomes clear as to how superhuman the task in itself was, in sync with the celebration day of Indian courage and spirit. The flag measured a gigantic proportion of 100 feet X 66 feet. Anyone wondering what this size might mean, for perspective the size of the flag can be compared with a 10 storeyed X 7 storeyed building!

Now add the weight of the flag of this enormous proportion running well into 70kgs. Here came the use of the word ‘meticulous’ as the flag was to experience wind speeds at 30kmph to 40 kmph while fluttering high atop THE 42. Any overlooked flaw during the hoisting ceremony would have meant a complete failure.

However, with great courage, planning, and attention to detail, the flag was hoisted at its mast involving the assistance of a Luffing crane, and 4 brave men. THE 42 stood proud at the end of it all, with the highest-flying Tricolour atop its roof.

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