The Newest Addition to Kolkata’s Skyline – THE 42

Tuesday, July 02 2019

Kolkata is a city that is known for its diversity and a series of attractions. The city observes the equal celebration of all religions and festivals in great spirits. At the same time, it is known to host an exquisite collection of distinct cuisine, high-end shopping centres, illustrious landmarks, and so on.

What Kolkata is also known for is its rich historical value. From the imperial roots of ‘Calcutta’, the city has come a long way since Independence. The once-declared British capital has now become an advanced metropolitan city, and what better evidence of this than through the tallest tower in Kolkata

With this addition to the city comes a precision in height that contributes to its reputation as the tallest tower in India. Dethroning The Imperial in Mumbai, this residential skyscraper has risen to the status of a landmark. Striving to touch the sky with an elevation of 260m, the view from the top is truly inexpressible.

However, if you think that THE 42 is all about being the tallest building in Kolkata, you couldn’t be more wrong.

While the height and status go hand-in-hand, its developers and architects have created much more than the typical skyscraper. Home to some of the finest ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkata, there are exclusive features that modern residences could only dream of possessing. A dream only opened to a few, THE 42, Kolkata, stands at Chowringhee with all its majesty and splendour.


Embracing New Heights to living with the Tallest Building in India

Four of the country’s leading real estate developers have joined hands to create this iconic residence. Using the expertise of Mani Group, Alcove Realty, Diamond Group, and Salarpuria Sattva, one can find their influence in each and every part of this skyscraper. With a dedication to quality living and improved standard of homes, THE 42 exists to represent the pinnacle of living.

Structurally, the tallest tower in Kolkata hosts 20 floors that are separated by a gap of 4 service apartments in intervals. Thus, one can find the prevalence of 61 habitable floors at THE 42. Each of its residences is complemented by the latest in technology as well as floor plans and fittings. In fact, a step into its triple height lobby might shed light on what to expect inside.

Also equipped with contemporary safety and security measures, any threat to life and security is unheard of here. Engulfed in the complete privacy of these ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkata, find all that you need and more at THE 42.

Explore the Features inside Kolkata’s Grandest Residential Tower

Without further ado, let’s see the main traits that comprise THE 42



With the increase in height comes an increase in exclusivity. With the tallest building in Kolkata, one gets the privilege of having a full and complete view of the city. Touching upon various buildings and attractions, you can find the entire city laid out in front of your eyes. Take comfort in the fact that no other ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkataare able to provide a 360-degree of Kolkata unlike THE 42.



Taking safety as its utmost concern, one can find a few features that demonstrate the same:

  • 15 water reservoirs with a capacity of 10 lakhs litres for fires
  • Presence of damper tank to prevent structural sway
  • 56m deep piling for earthquake resistance
  • Latest in electronic surveillance and 3-tier security>
  • Concealed sprinklers fitted inside each apartment


Secondary to safety, THE 42 also prioritizes the need for one to unwind and relax. This calls for the need of a top pick of amenities inside. As a result, one can find the following at the tallest building in Kolkata:

  • Swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Banquet hall
  • Steam and sauna
  • Mini-theatre
  • Lounge and bar
  • Indoor games room, etc.


For a life that falls nothing short of extravagant, one can find king-sized apartments with THE 42. Spanning across the 4 and 5 BHK category, you can be assured of vast living spaces and huge floor-to-ceiling windows. With each of its ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkata, there is a special air-filtering technology that is installed inside. This seeks to purify and cool the outside air before it enters your apartment.


Being committed to healthier living spaces and practices, THE 42 possess an IGBC certification as a mark of its dedication to the environment. For the same matter, one can find features such as:

  • Water treatment plant
  • Solar powered lighting
  • Mechanical composter
  • Rainwater harvesting

Adding on to these, did you know the elevators work through biometrics? You can step inside and reach your destination without touching, rather, without the need to remember which button to press. There are several such novel features that the tallest building in Kolkata introduces, aptly setting its own bar for truly luxurious living.

Be a part of the elite here at THE 42.

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