THE 42 – Your Gateway to an Exquisite Style of Living in Kolkata

Friday, February 28 2020

To some, luxury translates into the sound of the engine of an overpriced car. Others link it to their ability to choose from a set of designer brands to buy their next outfits. At the core of both these leisurely pursuits sits one fundamental value – the existence of comfort at the place you call home. To live in luxury is to live in style with  residential projects in Kolkata. Your look is complemented by your style of living and less by the items you own and purchase.

Offering ultra-luxury apartments that befit those with a predilection for luxury, THE 42 stands as a testament to glamour and style in Kolkata. Homes here are packed with every modern convenience you can think of. While it is appreciated for its rendition of contemporary living, it is also formally acknowledged as the tallest residential tower in the country.

Taking lifestyles to new heights, here’s what you can find at THE 42.

What to Expect with Apartments at Kolkata’s Tallest Residential Tower

When you choose a home at THE 42, you settle for nothing but the best. You choose a home that is defined by perfection. You choose a life that falls nothing short of sophistication. This vision of elegant living comes from 4 esteemed real estate companies with Mani Group, Alcove Realty and Diamond Group in Kolkata and Bangalore-based Salarpuria Sattva. If you are familiar with their past projects, you may have a clear idea of what to expect.
In case you don’t, here’s all you find at Kolkata’s grandest residential project at Chowringhee:

Homes that defy the boundaries of space

Living in style also denotes living with an abundance of space. Now imagine an entire floor dedicated to your and your family. That’s the amount of space that you can expect from each of its ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkata. Offering spacious 4 and 5 BHK apartments, one can have them in a duplex form while also having the luxury of changing the arrangement of rooms (except the bathrooms and kitchen).

Facilities that are directed towards complete comfort

When it comes to comfort while living, these real estate companies in Kolkata have thought of every vital feature to promote the same. This is not just limited to a swimming pool or a well-furnished fitness centre. For instance, THE 42 houses an air-filtration technology inside each apartment. As air enters inside, it is instantaneously cooled and treated to match the air-conditioned interiors.

Technology that ensures the highest degree of privacy

As far as modern living is concerned, security has emerged as a vital criterion for luxury residential projects in Kolkata. THE 42 assures that one need not think twice about their privacy. For instance, each floor is designed for one specific residence. If that’s not enough, there are biometric elevators that assure that you are safe from unwanted individuals on your floor. Among these, there are a variety of measures to foster the same:

  • 24/7 surveillance with CCTV cameras
  • Swipe card access to the entrance, lobby and lifts
  • RFID based car identification
  • Biometric front door lock
  • Video door phone monitoring

Views that are open to only a select few
Being 260 m off the ground is really something. That’s somewhere that only a few in the country have the privilege of being. Such are the sights. Tracing landmarks from the comforts of your home, THE 42 brings out the best of the city for its residents. In fact, these views are further amplified thanks to the presence of gigantic floor to ceiling windows. Structures in Kolkata such as the Victoria Memorial and Howrah Bridge are some of the exciting sights to behold from these ultra-luxury apartments.

Luxury Apartments

Spaces that resonate with a modern lifestyle
Modern living requires dedicated spaces that are in sync with the same. At THE 42, one can find a banquet hall for celebrating occasions, a lounge and bar for leisure and a games room for sportive events among others. There is also a separate car-blocking block that addresses the parking woes of homebuyers. Hence, expect nothing less than perfection from this residential project in Kolkata.

It’s true that style is intricately woven into our lives and is intrinsic in itself. It’s not something that can be borrowed or taken – it is something that effortlessly exists, synonymous to the way you live each day. At THE 42, life takes a drastic upgrade thanks to the thoughtful features and advanced facilities it holds.

Compared to ordinary residential projects in Kolkata, these modern homes are created with the goal of perfection in mind. Hence, you can find the best in every aspect of this 65-storeyed tower. Interior design, the standard of facilities – every facet of daily life has been taken into account.
The pinnacle of stylish living can now be found at Chowringhee.

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