THE 42 – Sparking Imagination into Reality

Tuesday, December 17 2019

It all starts with a dream. To do things never done before. To see things never experienced. To soar above the cacophony and noise in pursuit of something that transcends the conventional. To scale new heights and set new and distinctive benchmarks. If these are what you dream of, THE 42 converts your imagination into the tallest architectural marvel and most ultra-luxurious destination throughout the entire country.

Praised for its modern rendition of luxury living, THE 42 was made for nothing less than perfection in living. This vision of unparalleled splendour was the brainchild for 4 reputed real estate companies – Alcove Realty, Mani Group, Salarpuria Sattva and Diamond Group. Credit goes to Hafeez Contractor for his relentless dedication to the vertical expansion of the city. Their combined efforts to bring imagination to life now stands at a lofty height of 260m in Kolkata.

Being one of the best residential projects in Kolkata, it comprises of a single tower that consists of 61 habitable floors and 4 service floors. So without further ado, here’s all you need to know about Kolkata’s pride and joy.

THE 42 – The Prime Example of Remarkable Architecture in Kolkata

Touching the top of Kolkata’s skyline, THE 42 offers sights that no other project can match up to. The grandeur of the Victoria Memorial and the distant Howrah Bridge are all accessible from your apartment. Beautifully pairing its ultra-luxurious apartments with breath-taking views, the grand architecture makes way for a living experience unlike any other.

What is also noteworthy is the tower’s meticulous construction and not just its overpowering height. Spearheaded by a combination of esteemed real estate companies, here are the architectural features that one will observe with THE 42 in Kolkata:

The tower boasts a high-performance external glass with double glazing. This serves to provide maximum light and minimum heat radiation.

The façade of the tower covers a glazing area of 18240 sq. mts. Moreover, it is composed of dolomite crystals which provide a tough, long-lasting property along with UV resistance and anti-carbonation.

There is a double glass assembly at each level of the tower. As a result, THE 42 can counter high-speed winds up to 50mps and a maximum of 4kpa wind load.

Owing to its dominating height and positioning, the balconies at this tower offer an unhindered bird’s-eye view of Kolkata vast cityscape. Being triple-height in nature, they are enclosed by 1.4 meters high glass balusters with north-south direction. This assures ample breeze and an abundance of sunlight inside.

Apart from this, take a glimpse of the wonders of the world above the city.

Features of Kolkata’s Most Luxurious Residential Tower – THE 42

At THE 42, you can truly enjoy life as its meant to be lived. In splendour and complete comfort. Witness luxury come to life with the following features of Kolkata’s tallest tower:

You can find an air-filtration technology with every apartment. A great leap from typical air-conditioning, THE 42 reserves a treated fresh-air system inside which converts hot incoming air into a purified form. You can open your floor to ceiling windows, let the sunlight in and still enjoy cool and fresh quality air.

Spanning across 25,000 sq. ft., the clubhouse at THE 42 comes with an assortment of modern amenities. Being one of the best residential projects in Kolkata, here’s what you can find:

    • Swimming pool
    • Courts for outdoor games such as tennis
    • Lounge and bar
    • Spa and salon
    • Gym
    • Mini-theatre (with screenings of latest films)
    • Indoor games room
    • Steam and sauna
    • Banquet hall for occasions

The elevators at THE 42 are designed to recognize your distinguished presence. Just place your finger on the panel and you will be seamlessly transported home.

There is an MLCP block dedicated entirely to parking. Your Rolls Royce and Bentleys can be easily housed with provisions for 404 slots and 182 luxury car parks.

An upgrade in standards of living demands an upgrade in security. At THE 42, security and safety is something that reserves utmost importance. Here’s what you can find:

    • 24/7 surveillance with CCTV cameras
    • Video door phone monitoring
    • RFID based car identification
    • Biometric front door lock
    • Swipe card access to the entrance, lobby and lifts

Luxury is a state of great comfort and elegance  and THE 42 clearly raises the bar. This tallest architectural is equipped with the best to accommodate your sophisticated style of living. With excellence in every aspect of daily life, there’s nowhere better to buy an apartment in Kolkata.

At THE 42, luxury is only limited by your imagination.

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