THE 42 – A Destination Built For Modern, Sophisticated Living in Kolkata

Wednesday, April 29 2020

Secluded from the structures and buildings of the city lies a place reserved exclusively for premium living. A place where comfort becomes an everyday affair and luxury is a term that is truly experienced. A place that leaves no stone unturned to bring you the absolute best that life has to offer.

A place called THE 42.

Whether for a lifestyle upgrade or preservation of wealth, you’ll find this magnificent tower much to your liking. It sets itself apart not just by its zip code and prestigious location. Rather, its stunning height of 260m gives it a distinguished presence in Kolkata’s skyline. Seen as the tallest building in Kolkata, it is designed to uplift set standards of living in the city.
While you may be familiar with features common among upscale properties, THE 42 promises a living experience beyond the ordinary. Here’s all you need to know about this high-end residences.

Listing the Features of the Tallest Building in Kolkata – THE 42

Standing tall in Chowringhee is Kolkata’s tallest and most luxurious residential tower that offers its residents an advanced, exclusive setting. It is the result of 4 reputed real estate development companies that sought to introduce a new style of living in the city, an ultra-luxury lifestyle. Soaring high above the cityscape, it seeks to introduce sophisticated and a modern way of life.

Your grand entry at THE 42 will be marked by a triple-height lobby with dramatic details. Choose an elevator and find your way up home. Of course, there’s no need to remember the floor – THE 42 will recognize your biometrics and take you there right away. Walk out and enter your private foyer where a king-sized apartment awaits your arrival.

Adorned by the best of interior design and home décor, residences at the tallest tower in Kolkata are akin to spectacles in their own right. From their stylish and expansive structures, the essence of space is brought out through its 4 and 5 BHK homes that are also available in a duplex form. Huge balconies and floor to ceiling windows then complete the setup of your private abode.

What further distinguishes this residential property in Kolkata is its novel attributes. Take, for instance, its air filtration technology. Fitted into each of its homes, this system converts outside air into a purified form upon entry inside. Similarly, did you know that each apartment occupies an entire floor in the tower? Providing the ultimate in space, it makes way for true convenience and sophistication in life.

Besides its living spaces, THE 42 reserves ample spaces for entertainment and leisure. Whether a film at the home theatre, gatherings at the banquet hall or exquisite drinks at the lounge and bar, the real estate development companies behind THE 42 ensure that there’s nothing left wanting. Besides these, there is also a games room, a gym and other such amenities for covering a variety of needs.

Also available is a separate car parking block on the premises. Designed to accommodate your valuable assets with ease, the tallest building in Kolkata has provisions for 404 automobiles and 187 luxury car parks. You will also come across electrical car charging points for your prized possessions. Imagine that, an entire block dedicated to housing your automobiles.

Sophistication is something that can never be described in words. It is something that must be experienced and felt. This is where we see the prevalence of THE 42 which keeps every facet of a modern lifestyle in check. It’s clear from these that this residential property in Kolkata is tailor-made for an elite style of living.
The rest is just waiting to be experienced.

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