Tallest Residential Tower in Kolkata with Opulent Interiors and Contemporary Facilities

Saturday, April 27 2019

At an extensive height of 260 meters, The 42 is the tallest building in Kolkata. It stands as an icon of unparalleled standards of luxury owing to the combined vision of some of the city’s esteemed developers.

The exclusivity quotient of living at The 42 is best observed through a glance outside the balcony. You will be welcomed by an unobstructed and a full 36-degree view of the cityscape in all its beauty. The contemporary elegance of this structure strives to blend modernity with the old charm of ‘Calcutta’. You will find yourself surrounded by colonial structures and lush foliage in abundance. What you see in front of you is a crystal-clear image of the city’s pedigree and majestic heritage.

While boasting the exclusive sight of the city in front of your eyes, there is more to The 42 than just the tagline of ‘the tallest building in Kolkata’.

What Makes The 42 one of the Best Residential Projects in Kolkata?

High Calibre of Amenities:

Amidst the fast-paced life of the city, find a refreshing change of pace of life at The 42, Kolkata. Located far away from the hustle and bustle of Kolkata, one can find a splendid set of amenities. Wash away your stress in the ripples of the swimming pool. Rejuvenate yourself in the delightful spa. Relax with a casual game of chess. Sit back while you have the opportunity to watch some of the latest films in your comfort zone. All this and more comes with its luxury flats in Kolkata.

Its clubhouse extends across 25,000 sq. ft. of land coverage. With some of the most eye-catching set of amenities, one can find the following: gym, steam and sauna, lounge and bar, indoor games room, banquet hall, and so much more.

Grand Status of Apartments:

The entire destination contains homes that reflect the comforts and tranquillity of an iconic address. In the form of 4 or 5BHK categories, it’s luxury apartments contain huge floor to ceiling windows as well as vast spaces that complement its aesthetic look. Moreover, its uncluttered layout makes this the ideal destination for family life. One can also find triple height balconies that make full use of the magnificent view outside.

Each apartment is based on the best quality materials and well-crafted floor plans. Designer furnishes and fittings embody each of its luxury flats in Kolkata which are aided by splendid décor, rich and alluring colors schemes, and optimum usage of space.

Innovative Nature of Facilities:

Novelty is another component that defines the tallest building in Kolkata. Taking the ordinary a notch higher, The 42 was made comprehending the needs of a contemporary standard of living. This can be observed in several places. For instance, the tower has a total of 6 high-speed elevators. However, these function on the basis of the biometrics of the residents. Without the need to recall the correct button, one touch of the panel will take you home directly.

At the same time, The 42, Kolkata houses another novel feature. Apartments possess an air filtration technology or a treated fresh air system in other words. Incoming air from the outside is ‘treated’ to mix with the inside air. This way, it does not affect the temperature of the room.

Eco-friendly Aspect of Project:

An IGBC Gold level rating is the proof of its extensive eco-friendly features. Keeping in mind the need for environmental sustainability, the project was made using eco-friendly materials while operating on effective energy management systems. From the stages of planning to execution of the project, this tower was made to maximize energy and water efficiency through various facilities that can be found on the site location.

That being said, The 42, Kolkata observes solar powered lighting in common areas, rainwater harvesting, a mechanical composter, and a water treatment plant on the premises.

This residential tower is home to a total of 62 storeys with features that effortlessly integrate the essence of a plush lifestyle among residents. Designed for those who appreciate the fine taste of luxury, The 42 is undoubtedly one of the best residential projects in Kolkata.

For a life that cannot be imitated. For the happiness that cannot be replicated.
For a refined standard of living, be a part of The 42

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