Residential Development in Kolkata with Essential Safety Features

Friday, July 05 2019

Whichever angle you look at it, Kolkata is indeed a developing city. Developing in the materialistic sense of the term as well as in society’s thought-process, change can be observed in several parts of daily existence. This has led to a change in fashion and clothing, media consumption habits, etc. Above all these factors, this has led to the need for one to upgrade their standard of life.

Owing to western influences and the need to uphold one’s status and reputation, there has been a change in patterns of luxury real estate development. Harping on the demands for an exquisite lifestyle, certain builders have taken steps to ensure that one is able to find true luxury with their homes.

This gave rise to a new segment of real estate – ultra-luxury. Chasing after the concept of ‘premium’ and ‘exclusive’, ultra-luxurious planning of a residence reaches out to the HNIs, or the high net worth individuals. In fact, homes belonging to this category come with enormous amounts of space, both inside and outside. Not just space, but the aesthetic appeal of the entire project and its ability to provide a well-rounded lifestyle are what define these apartments.

Focusing on living experience primarily, luxury real estate development corresponds to the convenience and comfort that it brings to its residents. This entails the presence of a set of facilities and dedicated space for one to unwind and relax. A swimming pool and a gym are among the common amenities that can be found, with some even diverging from the ordinary.

Moreover, the best residential projects in Kolkata possess high-end means to ensure total privacy and safety inside.

Choosing Safety above all Others – THE 42

What also distinguishes an ultra-luxury residential project is the ridiculous levels of safety and security that one can find. To ensure the same, ultra luxurious planning of property is done keeping all the necessary precautions in mind relating to interiors and exteriors. With this category of housing, nobody is allowed to show up uninvited or without permission.

THE 42 is a clear example of this real estate development in luxury homes.


In fact, did you know that the elevators are designed to function on the basis of its residents’ biometrics? Using biometrics, one can reach their destination without the headache of remembering which floor to get off at. This also ensures that there are no accidental or uninvited visitors at your home.

There is no stone unturned in order to guarantee safety. Its meticulous and ultra luxurious planning infuses the virtues of elegance along with that of safety inside. As an example, there are concealed sprinklers inside living spaces that in no way compromise the appeal of the apartments. One can also find water reservoirs reserved in the service floors in case of a fire outbreak.

As far as the structure is concerned, THE 42 is designed to withstand pressure from structural sway as well from earth-induced forces. This can be seen through the existence of a Damper Tank which weighs roughly 120 tons and is placed at the top of the tower.

Apart from these, do you know what makes it one of the best residential projects in Kolkata?

THE 42 – Taking Luxury Residential Development a Notch Higher

Extending to a height of 260m with 61 habitable floors, this tower stands as the tallest building in the cityscape. Based in Chowringhee, its prime location offers one access to a top pick of schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, etc. in the surrounding area.

Owing to its existence to 4 highly-acclaimed real estate builders in Kolkata, each of its residences possess superior in-class facilities accompanied by marvelous adjustments that heighten comfort levels. Backed by the latest in technology and trends, there is nothing that separates THE 42 from being the best residential project in Kolkata.

Let’s see exactly what makes it so.

Features of THE 42:

Status of the tallest building in India
Oversized 4 and 5 BHK category of apartments
Well-furnished clubhouse facilities
Unparalleled and 360-degree view of the entire city
IGBC pre-certified building
Treated a fresh air system for each residence
404 slots plus 184 for luxury car parks

With these and more, THE 42 is the crystal-clear embodiment of a life defined by exuberance and ease. It has stood tall in the city and has now risen to become a landmark in Kolkata.

To really experience the best that Kolkata has to offer, THE 42 awaits your presence in Chowringhee.

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