Relish the True Essence of Luxury at THE 42, Kolkata

Tuesday, April 14 2020

Recently crowned the tallest residential structure in the city, THE 42 in Kolkata stands at a majestic 260m off the ground. You’ll find that it is further divided into 61 habitable floors and 4 service floors inside upon closer inspection. With this awe-inspiring height comes equally stunning views. No matter which way you look at it, the tallest tower in Kolkata is nothing short of a masterpiece.

To truly appreciate it, you also need to appreciate the combined vision of Mani Group, Alcove Realty, Diamond Group and Salarpuria Sattva. After all, it is their efforts that have propelled this high rise into existence. Hailed as pioneers in their own rights, a quick glance through their best residential projects in Kolkata would surely do wonders. This will also point to the fact that Kolkata has always had homes branded with the tag of luxury.

As a concept, luxury largely tends to reveal a state of great comfort. However, ultra-luxury aims to edge ahead with its own ritzy characteristics in both accommodations and amenities. With features that are truly off the charts, luxury apartments of this nature in Kolkata come with comprehensive and exceptional considerations for its residents. Of course, THE 42 neatly represents the same.
Here’s how.

THE 42 – Taking Luxury Living to New Heights in Kolkata

Riding the tide of all that luxury denotes, this exclusive category of ‘ultra-luxury’ seeks to imbue homes with only the best of the best. Its upscale location and obstructed vistas are said to be its real selling points. That couldn’t be more wrong. There is so much to THE 42 than what meets the eye.
Similar to its differentiation in the city’s skyline, here’s what makes THE 42 stand apart from some of the best residential projects in Kolkata.


Any luxury apartment is viewed by its ability to provide a comfortable living experience. However, THE 42 doesn’t just provide comfort – it brings the concept to life. The tallest building in Kolkata offers enormous 4 and 5 BHK-size apartments that give rise to spacious and free living.

Assuring a surplus of carpet area, residences are designed to foster a perfect harmony between individual requirements, demarcated area for storage as well as reserved space for domestic help. As a matter of fact, each residence occupies an entire floor in the tower for the ultimate in space.


Having everything at the place you call home and easy accessibility to it is what adds convenience to life. This is not just about your proximity to educational institutions or shopping malls outside. It’s more to do with what lies inside. Here are a few features of how life takes a turn towards convenience at THE 42.

  • Separate car parking block reserved for residents
  • A special air-filtration system inside apartments
  • Screenings of latest films with an exclusive mini-theatre
  • Biometric elevators for a seamless lift home


Homes have always been personal spaces that allow us to return to life afresh. At THE 42, there are a variety of ways that allow the same. Whether a mild game of chess or an intense workout with friends, here’s what you can expect with its luxury apartments in Kolkata:

  • Spa and salon
  • Gym
  • Courts for outdoor games
  • Lounge and bar
  • Steam and sauna
  • Mini-theatre
  • Indoor playroom
  • Swimming pool
  • Banquet hall


Security from the outside world has always been regarded as a part of basic needs. Even with regular luxury apartments in Kolkata, privacy has emerged as a necessity as per the changing trends. Rest assured that your life is kept private at THE 42. Here are a few features that attest to the same.

  • Biometric elevators ensure no accidental visitors
  • Complete privacy with one unit per floor inside the tower
  • Advanced security such as biometric front door locks, swipe card access, etc.

These real estate builders have done the unimaginable by crafting a tower of elegance in the city. Their picture-perfect idea of luxury shines brightly through every space inside. Oversized interiors, floor to ceiling windows and high-end interior design pave the way for modern, sophisticated living. Hence, the tallest tower in Kolkata leaves no stone unturned for an unparalleled living experience.
Explore luxury at its finest with THE 42.

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