Raise Your Standard of Living to Luxurious Heights at THE 42

Tuesday, March 24 2020

Imagine living at a height of 260m, a height that no other residential project in Kolkata can touch. Imagine taking in a picture-perfect sunset through the huge floor to ceiling windows at your home. Imagine a higher standard of living that lets you soar above the rest of the city.

If you can imagine these, you’ve only just begun THE 42 experience.

Personally greeted by the Victoria Memorial, residents have the entire cityscape laid out before their eyes. The adjoining foliage of the Maidan, the distinct charm of the Howrah Bridge – luxury is perfectly envisioned at the tallest building in Kolkata. Designed and selected to provide only the best of living experiences, every aspect of this tower paves the way for perfection in daily life.
If you have a predilection for sophisticated and spacious living, THE 42 welcomes you with open arms. Each of its expansive ultra luxury apartments occupies an entire floor with a private lobby, spacious balconies and extra room for storage and domestic help. In fact, you can also choose to opt for a duplex. As a matter of fact, you can also choose to arrange your home as per your tastes (with the exception of the bathrooms and kitchen).

Listed below are a few features of THE 42 that are sure to illuminate new heights of living.

THE 42: Offering A Lifestyle That Transcends The Basic

As modern living dictates, the importance lies in a comprehensive mix of elements and not just one in particular. Among these, the issue of safety and security takes a role of prime importance. These have always been ingrained as a basic need which is why the tallest building in Kolkata takes it up a notch. Ensuring the same, residents can find a damper tank of roughly 120 tons placed at the top. Consequently, neither earthquake-induced forces nor high wind pressure has an effect on the tower.

Understanding your concerns for security, THE 42 employs the best of modern-day technology for its residents. Being one of the best residential projects in Kolkata, it’s not a stretch to say that homes here tend to be as fortified as that of royalty. Biometric front door locks, swipe card access to entrances, RFID based car identification systems – you can be assured of complete privacy from the outside world at THE 42.

You can also be assured of high-end comforts and amenities when you opt for its ultra-luxury apartments. At this grand tower lies an impeccable set of facilities and amenities that make for a convenient, entertaining and peaceful style of living. After all, leisure and relaxation are as important as safety itself. Here’s what you can find at THE 42.

  • Swimming pool
  • Steam and sauna
  • Banquet hall
  • Indoor play room
  • Spa and salon
  • Gym
  • Mini-theatre (with screenings of latest films)
  • Courts for outdoor games such as tennis
  • Lounge and bar

Evidently, there are ample spaces for one to relax and rejuvenate while the interiors make way for a lifestyle that’s elegant yet free-flowing. With a total of 61 floors plus 4 service floors, the tallest building in Kolkata is home to designer residences that have employed only the finest in interior design and décor. In fact, there is also a separate car-parking block reserved only for automobiles and luxury cars.

These premium apartments in Kolkata reserve another exclusive feature – the presence of a special air-filtration technology in each of its apartments. This system serves to convert air from outside into a purified and cooler form. As you enjoy the sights of the city outside, be prepared for cool and fresh interiors inside – even with the windows completely open.

Did you know that the elevators work on the basis of biometrics? Without having to press a button or remembering which floor to get off at, allow yourself to reach home with ease. As a matter of fact, this feature also prohibits the intrusion of unwanted visitors outside your apartment. Thoughtful in every sense of the term, a life here encompasses all you need and more.
Take your lifestyle to new heights with the pride of Kolkata, THE 42.

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