Presenting a New Style of Living in Kolkata with THE 42

Wednesday, July 17 2019

Trends are what attract people, either consciously or subconsciously. Be it shopping, fashion, cuisine – in fact, almost all aspects of daily life. We take inspiration from the things that draw our attention, things that grab our interest upon a glance. We replicate habits and trends that we see in films and television, such as Nike shoes, KFC food, and the list is endless.

The influence of trends is unavoidable in daily life, and we also feel the need to replicate the same each day. To uphold a standard of stylish living, we tend to draw parallels to international standards, since the entire concept of an elegant lifestyle seems to emerge from the West.

Well, not anymore.

THE 42 – has now redefined what we perceive as ‘luxury’, making a grand entrance at a height of 260m as it reigns the skyline of the city. Also known as the tallest tower in India, one cannot stress enough on the quality of living it is made to deliver.

This comes as a direct result of the esteemed names behind the project. Alcove Realty, Diamond Group, Mani Group and Salarpuria Sattva along with the creative efforts of architect Hafeez Contractor and Subir Kumar Basu.

Due to their expertise and finesse, THE 42 is a tower that is known for more than its height.
Rather, it is known for its ability to provide a new style of living – a highly-sophisticated and modern lifestyle in the city.

THE 42 – Topping the List of Luxury Homes in Kolkata


With 61 habitable floors and 4 service apartment floors, the tallest building in Kolkata has its roots in the location of Chowringhee. Thus, one can live high up in the clouds without neglecting the buzz of city life. At the same time, its interiors promise a life unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

To fully understand this, a glimpse at its features will do the rest:

Air-filtration technology: Each of its ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkata are equipped with a treated fresh air system that serves to purify the air that enters inside. The outside air is cooled and purified before it mixes in which maintains the same temperature, even with the windows wide open.

GOLD-rated IGBC Building: Being a Green Building, THE 42 strives to incorporate the values of green living among its residents. Thus, the tallest building in India comes with the following provisions:

  •  Solar-powered lighting
  • Electrical car charging facility
  • Mechanical composter
  • Rainwater harvesting, etc.

Biometric-based elevators: THE 42 hosts a total of 6 elevators. 4 are reserved for residents, while the remaining are designated for goods and domestic help. However, these lifts function based on the biometrics of residents, ensuring no accidental visitors and allowing complete privacy inside.

Tuned Liquid Damper Tank: Some may speculate that the tallest tower in India may be prone to structural sway or earthquake-induced forces. Then again, some couldn’t be more wrong. With the installation a ‘Damper Tank’ weighing roughly 120 tons at the top of the tower, structural efficiency can definitely be assured.

Incomparable views: What one also receives from THE 42 is a complete 36-degree view of the city. Its ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkata provide sights that seem surreal – especially when amplified by floor-to-ceiling windows inside. The Victoria Memorial, the Howrah Bridge, the Maidan, etc. all become a part of your home.

Ingenious clubhouse facilities: Being one of the most advanced luxury residential projects in Kolkata, you can expect an equally stunning set of amenities inside. With THE 42, your life will be defined by utmost convenience and ease. Thus, one can find the following:

  • Gym
  • Indoor games room
  • Salon
  • Swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Mini-theatre
  • Lounge and bar, etc.

As a result of these, you can grasp the type of life that you will lead here at THE 42.

Refined spaces and sophisticated facilities are a trademark of its ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkata. However, what THE 42 really offers is blissfully living in the truest sense.

Being happy never goes out of style.

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