Performance of The 42 under severe wind pressure

Tuesday, May 26 2020

THE 42’s façade is an integral part of its iconic Architectural design by Hafeez Contractor and Subir Basu. Large glass panels were employed  to enable THE 42’s residents to enjoy the view from their homes. The World’s best consultants were engaged to test and engineer the building façade. First “Wind Tunnel Testing” was conducted by RWDI, Canada and Windtech Consultants, Australia. A scale model of the proposed Architectural design along with surrounding buildings was put into a wind tunnel to simulate the maximum wind pressures the building façade and structure would experience. The wind simulation tests and analysis suggested that the building needs to be able to withstand maximum wind forces of 288 kmph to ensure safety of its residents.

The learnings and results of the Wind tunnel test were shared with the façade design consultants, BES Consultants, to engineer the façade system appropriately. The façade system designed was further put under a “Performance Mock-Up” test at a premium testing facility- Façade India, Maharashtra. A full-size test panel was subjected to various wind pressures until destruction. Consequently, the façade that has been installed at THE 42 today can withstand forces upto

356 kmph.

What is a Tuned Liquid Damper (TLD) Tank?

 THE 42 being slender in nature will experience movements induced by heavy wind pressure or earthquake. In order to limit the sway of the tower due to these forces, and to make human habitation comfortable, a TLD Tank is constructed at the topmost floor. The TLD tank constitutes of two tanks made one atop the other with 120 tons of water, separated by an intermediate baffle wall of 50% porosity.

Once the tower moves, due to wind or earthquake, the water contained within the tank sloshes to the opposite direction of the tower movement due to rules of inertia. The load of the tank at the top of the tower thus compensates for the sway of the building.

The design of the TLD was suggested by Windtech Consultants in conjunction with our structural consultants-

J+W Consultants.

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