Know More about the Mesmerizing Views from Kolkata’s Tallest Residential Property

Tuesday, August 13 2019

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to live in Kolkata’s best residential projects? Imagine every space you encounter is crafted to perfection while lush foliage surrounds your abode. From top to finish, you can see the interiors of luxury residential properties designed by high-end brands and big names in home décor. In totality, a refined lifestyle can be assured as you will find yourself surrounded by the best of facilities inside and spaces.
If that’s not enough, you should take a look at the view that lies outside your apartment. Several luxury residential projects provide a view of an attractive part of the city, or even a waterbody for that matter. Some residential properties also offer a pleasant view of greenery as well.

But not THE 42.

Once you open the enormous floor to ceiling windows, you will be greeted by the entire city upon first glance. This residential property is not just the tallest tower in Kolkata but inside the entire country. As a result, no structure comes in its part. In fact, a full 360-degree view of Kolkata’s interiors can be seen from its apartments.
Wait till you take a sneak peek into what’s inside this tower.

A Sneak Peek into Kolkata’s Top and Tallest Residential Property

Extending to a height of 260m, THE 42 has emerged as the uncontested tower in the city. Your first impression would probably compel you to judge it by its height, no different than the others. On the contrary, there is so much more to this luxury residential project than just the status formed as a result of its height. Keeping that in mind, let’s see why this tower is creating buzz around the city.

Splendid sights:

Upon opening the floor to ceiling windows, you will find absolutely no obstacle in the way of your sight. No building that stands as an obstruction, no structure that comes in your way. In your immediate surroundings, you will find the Victoria Memorial and the Maidan right outside that extend to the distant Howrah Bridge and several parts of the city laid out in front of you.

Apartment structure:

THE 42 is blessed with generously-sized apartments in the city, ranging across the category of 4 and 5 BHK apartments. Being one of Kolkata’s best residential projects, you will be able to experience the true meaning of spacious living. Offering demarcated spaces for individuals, storage, and domestic help, one can also change the layout of their homes as per their choice.

Ingenious facilities:

Offering a stylish lifestyle also requires a massive upgrade. THE 42 is the physical manifestation of that ideal. Upon entering the tower of this residential property, you will step into a triple-height lobby, which will lead you towards the elevators to take you straight home. Note, these elevators work on the basis of your biometrics that makes sure your home has no uninvited individuals.

Eco-friendly provisions:

Being a luxury residential project, it also strives to do away with exploiting the use of natural resources. As a result, it tries to make the most of them by means of its rainwater harvesting system, solar-powered lighting, etc. Being an IGBC-certified building, experience ‘green’ living that is perfectly balanced with the need for luxury.


A long day of work requires the best of ways to unwind. At THE 42, the swimming pool welcomes you to luxuriate in its crystal-clear ripples, the perfect way to refresh your senses. Not just that, you can also find an indoor games room, lounge and bar, gym, salon, and so many more facilities that strive to recreate bliss without you stepping outside your comfort zone.

Safety features:

With an upgrade to living comes an even bigger upgrade to security. Using advanced technology such as swipe card access and bio-metric-based locks, be rest assured of top-notch security inside. At the same time, this residential property reserves several provisions in case of fires. You can also find concealed sprinklers that are carefully planted to retain the elegance of your home.

THE 42 seamlessly mixes the need for innovation with a life of luxury. Endowed with only the best of the best, expect a lifestyle that has no equal with heights that have no match.
For the rest, you have to see it to believe it.

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