Everything You Need to Know About Ultra Luxury Residential Apartments

Saturday, May 25 2019

Originally, luxury meant residing in a well-designed space, set in a decent location, along with the presence of basic amenities such as a pool or gym. This was not restricted to any class or income category in particular.

With a rapid pace of growth and urbanization, coupled with the demand to replicate international lifestyles, an ultra-luxury apartment in Kolkata was designed to cater to the elite part of the population. Developers sought to target the HNIs (high net worth individuals) and the ‘cream’ section of society through these projects.

To distinguish themselves as a class apart, the high-income groups have started investing in these as a display of one’s wealth and social status. Dominated by an exorbitant price tag, there is a direct affinity to the quality of apartments that one is entitled to. Associated with designer brands for interior design, let us see what exactly comprises ultra-luxury residential projects in detail.

What Defines the Tag of an Ultra-luxury Apartment in Kolkata?

The brand of an ultra-luxury home has a different implication from what ‘luxury’ entails.

In terms of space, an ultra-luxury apartment in Kolkata normally occupies vast amounts of carpet area. Typically starting in the range of 4 BHK categories, there are well-structured layouts and floor plans that demarcate space efficiently. To add on to the extravagance, one can find huge floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the cityscape in front of your eyes.

Of course, the physical infrastructure of the surrounding area of the project allows easy access inside the city’s interiors. At the same time, ultra-luxury residential projects in Kolkata are set up keeping the need for proximity to dining and shopping centres as well as business hubs. These projects have been planned to keep the need for convenience and ease in all fronts of daily life.

Not only that, but even the security systems are highly advanced. Using the most contemporary and efficient technology, round the clock security personnel, and advanced electronic surveillance, complete privacy is assured with these types of projects. Cut off from the general public, ultra-luxury apartments are exceptionally secure areas in the city.

The amenities themselves reflect a more engaging and convenient lifestyle. It is the perfectionist nature of ultra-luxury homes that make others aspire for a better standard of living. This can be seen through the tallest building in Kolkata – THE 42.

Kolkata’s Top Residential Tower – THE 42

Owing to the efforts of 4 reputed developers, namely, Mani Group, Alcove Realty, Diamond Group, and Salarpuria Sattva, this project represents the pinnacle of elegant living. Thanks to the expertise of Hafeez Contractor and Subir Kumar Basu, one has the opportunity to be part of a home that blends the virtues of spacious living with a look of grandeur.

Reaching the top at 260m, the tallest building in Kolkata lends an exclusivity of its own. A full 36-degree view of Kolkata’s entire view from your window – a sight that cannot be expressed in words. Along with these, one can find the other important provisions, such as well-equipped clubhouse facilities, multiple parking spaces, and so much more.

Sophisticated interiors, stylish spaces, and bold decorative elements define each apartment. Visually enriching in nature, any ultra-luxury apartment in Kolkata in the 4 or 5 BHK category serves to provide the truest expression of luxury. With facilities that promote the same, THE 42 strives to offer an unparalleled living experience at a desirable location inside the city.

Features of Kolkata’s Tallest Building

  • Structure: A total of 64 floors comprise this residential tower. Moreover, there is a gap of a service floor between every 20th floor, which comprises of water reservoirs in case of unexpected fire outbreaks.
  • Damper tank: A huge tank weighing about 120 tons is placed at the top of the tower. This maintains structural efficiency as well, while also preventing effects of high wind pressure and earthquake-induced forces.
  • Amenities: The amenities that one can find are aimed at providing ease to residents. A swimming pool, lounge and bar, indoor games room, mini-theatre, etc. are all a part and parcel of these residential apartments.
  • Arrangements for cars: The MLCP block at this complex possesses charging points as well as parking space for 182 luxury automobiles. There are also 404 slots at the same block that is available for other cars.
  • Biometric-based elevators: To maintain the exclusiveness portion, each elevator takes one to the desired floor based on the said person’s biometrics. Private lobbies await each resident of the tallest building in Kolkata.
  • Treated fresh air system: Every residence contains an air-filtering technology that converts the incoming air from outside. Even with the windows being fully open, residents will be amidst fresh and purified air.


People aspiring for an enhanced lifestyle and living experience will find luxury residential projects in Kolkata suitable. THE 42 and its ultra-luxury apartments are evident of that ideal. Geared towards providing a new edge to the real estate standards in the city, it stands tall as the embodiment of a life that has no equal.

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