Exploring THE 42 – A New Point of View at the Top

Tuesday, June 25 2019

Have you ever wondered what the view from the highest point of Kolkata would look like?

High above the city in the rarefied world, the splendid view of the Victoria Memorial, and the greenery of the famed Maidan amidst a plethora of structures and buildings will fall within your gaze. The Howrah Bridge stands far out in the horizon but will seem even closer from up there.

At the same time, the air is not the same. Compared to the immensely heated streets that we’re familiar with, living at the peak of the city would change that perspective. A mesmerizing view aided by unadulterated air is what luxury homes in Kolkata demand.

THE 42 makes this possible.

Set in Kolkata’s Chowringhee, THE 42 is the product of a few highly-rated developers that contribute to an iconic destination. One can observe complete privacy and refuge from the humdrum of daily life. With ingenious facilities and contemporary clubhouse amenities, it sets a new bar for luxurious living across India’s interiors.

THE 42 – Taking Luxury to New Heights in the City

This residential structure extends to a height of 260m, and this tower comprises 61 habitable floors and 4 service apartment floors. From that height, the view cannot be described in words and nor can the living experience. Surrounded by gigantic floor-to-ceiling windows, living amidst the clouds would be considered an understatement.

Not just known for its height, the tallest building is also known for its ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkata. This residential tower can be identified by the fashionable lifestyle it provides its residents.

Let’s see what specifically defines these residences.

What Features can one see at Kolkata’s Tallest Residential Tower?

Bedazzling views: Standing at the top of Kolkata’s splendour, a surreal view awaits the residents of THE 42. Touching upon the city’s foliage, colonial architecture, and an overabundance of buildings, no other residential tower presents such a sight from their apartments. In fact, a full 360-degree view can be seen from the interiors of these ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkata.

Eco-friendly provisions: One can also find the traits of green living at Kolkata’s tallest tower. Being an IGBC-certified building, you can be assured of a greener way of life that complements your need for luxury. With its own water treatment plant, sewer treatment plant, solar-powered lighting, rainwater harvesting system, etc., you will find a life defined by good health and vitality.

Amenities: Living in luxury homes in Kolkata is a dream to many. Of course, this entails one to a remarkable set of facilities for the same. Whether it’s a swim in the pool or a screening of a movie you’ve always wanted to watch, nothing comes close to the bliss at THE 42. Along with this, one can also find a lounge and bar, indoor games room, gym, salon, and so much more.

Novel facilities: THE 42 seeks to upgrade one’s style of living. For that, there is the incorporation of exclusive features at this tower. Each of its ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkata come with special air-filtering technology. Alongside this, the elevators are based on the biometrics of residents. There is also an electric charging facility for vehicles.

Safety features: The precautions taken by the tallest building regarding safety is truly astounding. The tower itself is earthquake-resistant and is also designed to prevent structural sway. There are sprinklers at each of its apartments that are concealed inside. Similarly, the service apartment floors hold reservoirs of water in case of unexpected fire outbreaks.

Living spaces: With Kolkata’s tallest ultra-luxury apartment at THE 42, one can find huge residences spanning across the categories of 4 and 5BHK respectively. With spaces dedicated to storage and domestic help as well, experience ease in daily life each day. Also, one can find apartments with a 4 or 5 BHK duplex floor plan, taking your lifestyle one level higher.

Endowed with high-end residences, efficient energy practices, and its own unique set of amenities, the tallest tower warmly welcomes you at Chowringhee.

With THE 42, find a home that suits the individuality that you possess.

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