Experience Royalty with Ultra-luxury Apartments at THE 42

Thursday, November 21 2019

Success lies in treading the distinction between boundaries and creativity and nowhere is that more apparent than at THE 42, the tallest building in Kolkata. Towering over the city at 260m, it is perhaps the only structure that displays a complete 360-degree view of Kolkata’s extensive cityscape.

The colours of the sunset become clearer than ever while the green shades of nature become a part of your daily existence. The Maidan, the Hooghly Bridge, the Victoria Memorial – these are some of the landmarks that are integrated with the sights from THE 42. The endeavours to create a structure of unparalleled luxury comes from the brainchild of 4 leading real estate developers. Mani Group, Alcove Realty, Salarpuria Sattva and Diamond Group are the brands behind it.

Apart from its majestic height, it is nothing short of a hallmark of fine craftsmanship both inside and out. Here’s what makes it so.

An All-inclusive Guide to Luxurious Living Upon Entering THE 42

They say first impressions last forever, and what better way than by your first step into the tallest building in Kolkata? Be awed by the triple-height lobby that radiates artistic brilliance every step of the way. Make your way into one of the 4 technologically-advanced elevators that function on biometric identities rather than buttons.

After reaching your own private floor, you will be greeted by tastefully done interiors that are curated by renowned interior specialists and top brands in home décor. Open the doors of your residence and enter your exclusive abode.
Large rooms and floor to ceiling windows add to the luxury quotient of living with no shortage of space for storage and domestic help. Between its 4 or 5 BHK apartments, each of its king-sized homes can be availed in a duplex form as well. You also have the luxury of changing the arrangement of rooms inside, keeping the positions of the bathrooms and kitchen intact.

It’s no secret that air-conditioning is a part and parcel of ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkata. However, THE 42 goes a step further in that regard. Residents are blessed as they enjoy the presence of an air-filtration technology into each of their living spaces. This treats the warm incoming air before it seeps its way into the apartment. Even with the windows fully open, you can luxuriate in cool and fresh-quality air inside.

Here are the other features of THE 42 that you should be familiar with.

What Makes THE 42 Kolkata’s Prime Example of Modern Homes?

Amenities: Its well-stocked clubhouse comes with a land area of 25,000 sq. ft. and best-in-class facilities. Ranging from a concierge service to the latest screening of films, expect a living experience like no other. Here is the complete list of what to expect from these ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkata:

Advanced Amenities:
Swimming pool
Spa and salon
Steam and sauna
Banquet hall for occasions
Courts for outdoor games such as tennis
Lounge and bar
Indoor playroom (for games like chess and billiards)

IGBC Certified:

Environmental concerns now are more pressing than before. Being a major proponent of green living among other luxury residential projects in Kolkata, THE 42 plays its own part in preserving natural resources. This can be seen by its use of the following facilities across the land area it occupies:
Solar-powered lighting
Mechanical composter
Rainwater harvesting
Water treatment plant

MLCP Block:

At THE 42, Kolkata, there is an entire block reserved for your parking woes. Designed to fit 404 automobiles and 187 luxury cars, THE 42 ensures that each of your wheels has a home. There are also electrical car charging points created for every 1 out of 5 cars in this block.

Rigid Exteriors:

Engineered for durability yet created for style, the tallest building in Kolkata is infused with several features that add to its strength as a residential tower. Be it a 7.5 magnitude or wind pressure of 5mps, THE 42 battles any condition that poses a threat to its stand. The Damper Tank of 120 tonnes at the top of the tower is another symbol of structural efficiency of the tower.

Enhanced Security:

The security of homes is an aspect that is never overlooked in Kolkata, and at THE 42, it is more serious than ever. Thus, residents can find a well-maintained and efficient system for the same. Here are the security measures that residents can find:
24/7 surveillance with CCTV cameras
Video door phone monitoring
RFID based car identification
Biometric front door lock
Swipe card access to entrance, lobby and lifts

Comprehending the ever-curious traits of homebuyers, THE 42 takes ordinary living to a whole new level. Be it living spaces inside or the splendid facilities for relaxation and leisure outside, expect exclusive edits of life with ultra-luxury apartments at THE 42.

Witness luxury come to life with bespoke living experiences.

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