Exclusive Sights of Kolkata’s Cityscape – Only at THE 42

Wednesday, April 22 2020

As far as the traditional concept denotes, luxury is something not open to all and is only meant to be enjoyed by certain people. It is rooted in the perspective of privilege by an elite section. Contrary to popular opinion, it does not merely indicate or involve the materialistic. Rather, the evolving idea of luxury puts this concept in an entirely new light. It’s no longer about buying nice and fancy things from a store. That’s too simple an approach to luxury.

The focus seems to be changing from acquiring things to acquiring experiences. Embedded within our personal lives, luxury has grown to encompass beauty that serves as a reminder that life itself is beautiful. Luxury becomes a moment of peace and satisfaction akin to a splendid cup of coffee or even finishing a wonderful book.

Better still, what about enjoying the sunset from THE 42, the tallest residential building in India? Looking down at the buildings below, far away from the turbulent tides of city life is indeed a luxury of its own. At THE 42, it’s clear that life must not only be lived, but embraced and enjoyed wholeheartedly.

Enriching every aspect of daily life, here’s what you can expect from its luxury apartments in Kolkata.

The 42 – Showcasing the True Nature of Luxury and Exclusivity in Kolkata

Having never-seen-before views of Kolkata’s city scape is exclusivity at its best. Where the city is laid out like a map in front of your eyes, that’s how you’ll know you’re at THE 42. Touching upon notable structures such as the Victoria Memorial and Howrah Bridge, expect a complete 360-degree view of the city from the tallest building in India.

At THE 42, you have access to sights that others can only dream about. But it doesn’t end there. Height is only one of the aspects that define this tower and not its entirety. Known for its luxury apartments in Kolkata, it brings its residents the best of modern living inside. Here’s a small glimpse of what to expect from its exclusive homes.

Unparalleled space and comfort: Each of its residences occupies a single floor inside the tower. These are available in 4 and 5 BHK unit sizes which are also in the form of duplex flats for sale in Kolkata. Its interiors assure ample of personal space, reserved areas for storage as well as an abundance of space for the domestic help. Any apartment at THE 42 guarantees a lifestyle unlike any other.

Advanced technology: Its king-sized homes also display the latest in technology and features. Take, for instance, its special air filtration technology inside each of its luxury apartments in Kolkata. This is a system where you can enjoy cool and purified air as the hot air from outside is converted directly upon entry. Besides these, there are biometric elevators and other such novel facilities.

Rigid security systems: At THE 42, measures are taken to ensure that privacy is maintained at all times. Besides its biometric-based elevators, there are features such as RFID identification, biometric front door locks and swipe card access to areas. Safety and security have taken first place in modern times and hence, it’s no surprise that THE 42 emerges as the best residential project in Kolkata.

Luxe set of amenities: To ensure a life of comfort and convenience, these duplex flats for sale in Kolkata reserves a top-notch set of amenities for its residents. Here is the complete list that you can find:

  • spa
  • saloon
  • Courts for outdoor games
  • Swimming pool
  • Lounge and bar
  • Indoor playroom
  • Gym
  • Steam and sauna
  • Banquet hall
  • Mini-theatre

Did you know that you also have access to the screening of the latest films on demand? Evidently, THE 42 takes care of every facet of modern living while crafting a life that’s nothing short of perfection. Luxury, in its new context, tends to describe the enjoyment of the best that life has to offer. It is an investment to our well-being and a celebration of life’s beauty and profound joy.
Regarded as the best residential project in Kolkata, life reaches new heights at THE 42.

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