Epic Heights at the Tallest Residential Project in India

Wednesday, June 12 2019

One of the major selling points of any home is the view from the apartments.

While living spaces can be individually customized and reorganized, the sights from the apartments are permanent in nature. This factor also gains importance because the view needs to be pleasant, which in turn adds value to the overall living experience.

Those seeking to live in ‘luxury’ cannot discard the need for a home that offers a panoramic outlook and mesmerizing sights. Thus, while considered one of the basic elements of high-end homes, nothing compares to the view of the cityscape laid out for you.

Imagine living at the top where landmarks fall into your field of vision and the entire metropolis overlooks your apartment. No building that comes in the way, no structure that distorts your panorama – that’s exactly what living in the tallest building in Kolkata – THE 42 – feels like.

However, a good view cannot compensate for a poor quality apartment.

If a view is equally important to the standard of facilities and overall living, THE 42, Kolkata is definitely the choice for you.

Are you familiar with the city’s highest tower?

Standing Tall among the Best Residential Projects in Kolkata

Extending to a height of 260m, THE 42 owns the status of being called the tallest building in Kolkata. From there, all of the city falls within your grasp. At a distance, one can see the imperial majesty of the Victoria Memorial, the greenery of the wide Maidan, and the Howrah Bridge remotely placed among other structures.

An unhindered 360-degree view of Kolkata’s interiors can be found from the tallest ultra-luxurious residential tower, THE 42. This structure comes as an amalgamation of 4 highly-rated developers and 2 renowned architectural firms in the country. This association itself is evidence of its refined characteristics and exceptional spaces.

Relish in the fact knowing that choosing from the best residential projects in Kolkata, nothing comes close to what comprises THE 42.

And here’s why.

Transcending the Expectations of a High-end Lifestyle

Over-sized windows and vast spaces aided by novel facilities are inherent with this residential tower.

However, apart from the stellar sights that one is entitled to, the interiors are no less than fascinating:

The picturesque setting of Kolkata’s cityscape deserves the best possible view, and that’s where its huge floor-to-ceiling windows deliver. Thus, residences possess front row seats to unparalleled sights.

Each residence is equipped with a treated fresh air system. This purifies and cools the air from outside as it enters any room. It also keeps the same temperature and quality of air, even with the windows fully open.

Each apartment also contains concealed sprinklers that operate in the case of any threats concerning fires. These are aptly positioned so to keep the aesthetic look of homes intact.

These are typical of apartments at the tallest building in Kolkata.

Are you aware of its features?

THE 42, Kolkata – Features that Make it a Haven for Luxurious Living

Here is what THE 42 consists of:

A total of 6 elevators await residents. However, at THE 42, Kolkata, these elevators work on the basis of the biometrics of residents, ensuring your home observes complete privacy from the rest.

With the need for comfort and relaxation comes a modern set of facilities for the same. Thus, one can find a swimming pool, spa, gym, mini-theatre, lounge and bar, indoor games room, salon, and so on.

The MLCP Block, or Multi-Level Car Parking Block, is comprised of 404 slots for cars along with dedicated space for 182 luxury cars. There are also electrical car charging points present for the use of contemporary automobiles.

Its IGBC certification also comes with a few also eco-friendly features on-site, such as solar-powered lighting in selected areas, rainwater harvesting, mechanical composter, water treatment plant, etc.

Regarding fire safety, there are a total of 4 service floors where water reservoirs can be found. There are 15 water tanks for fires as well as for domestic use with a capacity of roughly 10 lakh litres.

Being the tallest and one of the best residential projects in Kolkata, find a home that is synonymous to the life you wish to lead.

Find extravagance at its finest with THE 42 as you find your way to the top.

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