The42 – A Premium Choice for Luxurious Residential Living in Kolkata

Monday, April 22 2019

The skyline of the city sees only one structure that stands apart from the rest. Extending to a height of 260 meters off the ground, The 42, Kolkata is the result of architectural brilliance and unparalleled craftsmanship. Surrounded by the rich heritage of Chowringhee, it is more than just a space for living. Possessing the status of a landmark, it is a dedicated refuge for those who seek to live an extravagant and posh lifestyle.

Being a 62-storeyed building with a total of 6 elevators, it is equipped with the latest provisions to order to satiate one’s needs. This building is the product of some of the city’s leading developers, namely, Mani Group, Salarpuria Sattva, Alcove Realty and Diamond Group. The 42, Kolkata, is the ultimate means of luxurious residential living in Kolkata.

The first sign of grandeur can be seen through its lobby. Measuring approximately 9 meters in height, one can find a space that houses a triple height ceiling in measurement. The apartments themselves possess huge floor-to-ceiling windows that allow a huge amount of air and sunlight inside. Similarly, the balconies are also triple-height in nature and present a breath-taking view of the entire city.

These premium apartments in Kolkata are based in Chowringhee, a location that facilitates smooth connectivity to the entire city. From the apartments, one can witness Kolkata along with its imperial beauty of colonial India. With the clear fields of the Maidan and the majesty of Victoria Memorial overlooking your home, relish in the fact that no other luxury residential projects in Kolkata come close to offering such a sight.

The entire residential project can be considered as the impeccable execution of structure and design. Owing to the efforts of the reputed Hafeez Contractor, you will observe a close affinity to world-class standards.

Luxury has a New Destination in the City of Kolkata

The 42 reflects the exclusive lifestyle of the city’s affluent class. The portrayal of unhindered elegance can be seen through a variety of elements:

Being one of the highly renowned luxury residential projects in Kolkata, it is home to a wealth of resources that make life truly fulfilling and satisfying. Alleviate your stress with a dive into the clear waters of the swimming pool or even indulge in a game of chess. The 42, Kolkata also offers a prime set of other amenities such as a salon, spa, gym, lounge and bar, steam and sauna, and mini-theatre.

Apart from its grand apartments, The 42 also possesses state-of-the-art safety features. In the case of fires, one can find water reservoirs kept on the service floors. Along with other fire-fighting arrangements, one can find the use of concealed sprinklers. These blend perfectly without harming the aesthetic appearance of the apartments.

These  luxury apartments in Kolkata are characterized by exceptional interiors that symbolize the status element of existence. For a better living experience, the apartments come in 4 and 5BHK categories that maximize space as well as the happiness quotient of living. Embellished by tasteful colors as well as chandeliers and paintings, a royal aura surrounds each of its apartments.

What also stands out are the unique facilities that one can find at The 42. One noteworthy feature is the use of biometric elevators that discards the headache of remembering which floor to get off at. One can also observe a treated fresh air system in each of its premium apartments in Kolkata. The air from outside is filtered before it enters, retaining a pure and fresh breeze that is allowed inside.

Incorporating innovation interspersed with awe-inspiring spaces, The 42 stands for more than just its imposing height in the city. A symbol of a high-end lifestyle that cannot be replicated. A home specifically designed for the connoisseur that you are.

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