7 Things That Define an Ultra-luxury Apartment in Kolkata

Tuesday, February 18 2020

With a change in time comes a change in trends. As the term ‘luxury’ has come to be iterated without reason, it has become difficult to denote what true luxury denotes. This is because of sales-led advertisements and imitation of quality among other reasons. As a result, a premium category of housing has come into existence – the ultra-luxury segment of apartments.

Where ordinary luxury apartments in Kolkata fail to deliver, ultra-luxury begins to bridge that gap with excess. Homes of this nature tend to be exclusive while packed with every contemporary necessity intact. Moreover, interiors are clad with a combination of high-end brands in interior design and home décor. Inspired by perfection, ultra-luxury apartments represent the pinnacle of a modern lifestyle.

Listed below are 7 vital features that can be observed with ultra-luxury apartments.

What to Expect When You Opt for Ultra-luxury Homes

Overabundance of space
An apartment can be labelled as ultra-luxury only when it offers more than 2,500 sq. ft. of space inside. In other words, 4BHK homes and up fall into this segment. When you step inside, you will find ample space that extends to both the comforts of your family as well as for storage and domestic help. Offering the best of meticulous layouts and demarcations of living spaces, homes of this nature are made for a life unlike any other.

Fortified to the core

If there’s one thing you can expect from these homes, it is the guarantee of security and personal safety inside. Residents are rest assured of a good night’s sleep with its advanced technology and upgraded means of security. For instance, biometric front door locks and RFID-based identification systems are a staple nowadays. Choosing an ultra-luxury apartment means living in complete safety from the outside world.

Modern conveniences
Of course, an upgrade to your lifestyle would require an equally remarkable set of indulgences. With some of the best residential projects in Kolkata, one can find features such as rooftop swimming pools, banquet halls, high-end fitness centres and games rooms among others. Did you know that THE 42 reserves an exclusive mini-theatre that screens the latest films on demand? Such are the standards set by ultra-luxury homes.

Unparalleled views
Ultra-luxury apartments tend to offer remarkable sights from their interiors which are highly appealing and sought after. To go a step further, these are generally open from all sides which assure that no building stands in your way. Forget about busy streets and uninterrupted views – you can wake up to splendid frames from your windows with ultra-luxury homes.

Coveted locations
Concerning the development of luxury real estate, location has always played a crucial role in the selection of homes. However, ultra-luxury residences are always positioned in the city’s most desired addresses. Be it transportation or proximity to schools or hospitals, find yourself easily connected to the city with ultra-luxury apartments.

Sustainable lifestyles
Compared to typical luxury apartments in Kolkata, ultra-luxury does more than just lawns and greenery. Projects of this nature integrate eco-friendly systems in their infrastructure. These vary across waste management, rainwater harvesting and solar-powered lighting. These also tend to be IGBC-certified green buildings that attest to its eco-friendly characteristics and consequently, better living experiences for residents.

Private and exclusive
While other projects tend to include a vast number of families, the best residential projects in Kolkata do quite the opposite. Having something that everybody is privy to – can that really be considered a luxury? The privilege to enjoy something that others aren’t entitled to is an aspect of luxury where ‘exclusivity’ plays a major role. Some ultra-luxury projects go a step further to offer an entire floor for a single residence.

When nothing but the best will do, ultra-luxury is the way to go.

Homebuyers today are more conscious about international trends of housing and that exposure has led to aspirational lifestyles among audiences. People are well-informed and know exactly what they want in a home. Hence, ultra-luxury apartments effortlessly cater to this strong demand for quality. Taking the basics of a home to newer, luxurious heights, ultra-luxury seeks to saturate the need for perfection in today’s real estate trends.

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