7 Exclusive Reasons to Live at THE 42, Kolkata

Friday, March 20 2020

Retaining its hold as Kolkata’s tallest residential tower for a period of 32 years, the Chatterjee International is a commercial building that expands to a height of 91m. It was only until 2008 that its dominance over the skyline came to an end. The year 2008 saw projects such as South City and Hiland Woods that breached the 100-metre mark, 117 metres to be precise. One could also say that it was buildings such as these that were a prelude to the new and majestic skyline of Kolkata.

True to this, various buildings and luxury apartments in Kolkata have risen to surpass the once-renowned Chatterjee International with even more in the making. New hot spots for residential properties have emerged and developers have begun to carve their own path in today’s real estate scenario. However, a combination of esteemed real estate builders has sought to create the unimaginable – the tallest tower in not just Kolkata but throughout the entire country.

As of 2020, it is THE 42 that now holds the status of the nation’s tallest structure. Adding a significant change to the city’s skyline, it is towering evidence of Kolkata’s development in both luxury and real estate. Towering above the city in both height and luxury, THE 42 is a modern paradise with its impeccably-designed residences and path-breaking facilities for residents.

Listed below is what makes THE 42 far from an ordinary choice of residence.
Here are 7 Features of the 42 That Will End Your Pursuit for Perfection

Unparalleled Views of Kolkata

An exclusive height calls for exclusive sights from your abode. At THE 42, the day begins with the green expanse of the Maidan and the larger city at a distance while luminous frames of the Victoria Memorial will draw it to a peaceful close. From the top of the city’s heights, enjoy panoramic views that are expansively exquisite and exclusive to those at THE 42.

Resident-exclusive Amenities

Luxury and exclusivity are concepts that are interlinked with one another. Possessing something that nobody else has access to – wouldn’t that be something? THE 42 makes this concept a reality. Apart from the common features such as a pool and gym, residents can find amenities such as a lounge and bar and a mini-theatre that screens the latest films on demand.

Treated Fresh Air System

Another stunning feature that one can find at these homes is the presence of an advanced air-filtration technology. Inside each apartment, there is a system that serves to convert hot air from outdoors before its entry into the air-conditioned interiors. As a result, you can feast your eyes on the city’s inspiring views with the windows fully open and fresh air all around.

Fortified and Secured Homes

When you opt for Ultra luxury apartments in Kolkata, you also opt for a life that should assure your complete safety and security. At THE 42, you need not think twice about it. Nestled in a highly-fortified abode, these ultra-luxury apartments bring the best of modern technology and systems for your peace of mind. Here’s what you can find:
Video door phone monitoring

  • Biometric elevators
  • 24/7 surveillance with CCTV cameras
  • RFID based car identification
  • Swipe card access to entrance, lobby and lifts
  • Biometric front door lock
  • Presence of a Damper Tank

When you live in a skyscraper as tall and majestic as THE 42, the concern about living at 260m may arise. The use of a damper tank at THE 42 is sure to eliminate such worries. Weighing roughly 120 tons, it is positioned at the top of the tower so as to provide structural efficiency and stability. Whether high wind pressure or earthquake-induced disturbances, you’re far from any such threats.

Enormous Living Spaces

As far as real estate development in luxury is concerned, spacious living has always been a prerequisite for a convenient, luxurious style of living. Now imagine king-sized 4 and 5 BHK homes which are also available in a duplex form. Assuring dedicated space for storage of goods and domestic help, every residence at THE 42 occupies an entire floor in this sophisticated tower.

Separate Car Parking Facility

Whether we realize it or not, parking is a pressing concern not addressed by many residential properties. THE 42 hears you loud and clear. Presenting its own car parking block, one can find an abode for their prized automobiles and vehicles. This MLCP Block offers space for 404 cars and 187 luxury car parks along with a car-charging facility for every 1 out of 5 automobiles.

When you choose THE 42, the expertise of the associated builders shines brightly through its offerings. Unrivalled security, king-sized residences, mesmerizing sights and a myriad of innovative facilities serve to illuminate the calibre of living. Offering the promise of a contemporary lifestyle in one of Kolkata’s most coveted addresses, enjoy an exclusive style of living in the truest sense of the term.

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