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ExtErior ThE ImpErial Lobby REsidEncEs ThE 42 aria

Today’s existence is but yesterday’s ethereal presence, Fearless, I stand tall with my head held high, I am responsible for resplendent oneness of nature’s vast inner-connections; Gluing the stumbling culture with extraordinaire beauty of Kolkata, I take a Leap ahead with grace and grandness.Find me at the heart of the city and its people; Embracing cultures, arousing emotions and fostering creativity, Born from Ganga; now touching the sky, I am the result of precision and craftsmanship. Iconic is what I am called; the tallest Skyscraper in the city and East of India as a whole. Redefining Glory and Grandeur; More than yesterday, I am the pinnacle of Today.















I am
42 fEAtuREs of ThE 42
Ecologically-sound project
Myriad amenities
Modern conveniences
Immaculate infrastructure
Durable materials
Contemporary safety measures
Exquisite luxury apartments in Kolkata

Mesmerizing views are just a beginning to a breath-taking experience at THE 42. Encompassing 61 habitable and 4 service floors, THE 42 serves as the ideal example of exclusive luxury apartments.  High-end interior design dominated by advanced technology and ingenious facilities awaits your presence. Witness elegance at its best with THE 42.