One can read through all the brochures one wants. One can also go through all the technical specifications that are diligently listed by builders. In the case of THE 42 however, all one needs to do is take in the view.

Lead up in Style at The 42 Chowringhee

360 degree view

360 degree. really.

Most units at THE 42 afford more than a 360 degree view of the Kolkata skyscape. THE 42 is an elegant approach to the most breathtaking view of the Victoria Memorial, the Ganges, Eden Gardens as well as sweeping aerial views of Old Calcutta bastions of Chowringhee, Dharamtalla and beyond.

Bird’s eye view. really.

Nowhere else in Kolkata (and this is not an empty boast), will you be able to enjoy a view so amazing that you forget everything for a moment while you soak into a rarefied space not touched by humans.

The room with a view. really.

Step into one of THE 42’s viewing points and nothing else needs to be said. Waking up in a room with a view like the one below you is likely to put you in a relaxed mind space without doing much. So, why would you go anywhere else?

Tall Claims? really.

At a height of 879 feet, THE 42 is a 100 feet above the next tallest building in Kolkata. It does not need to make any ‘tall’ claims; it is redefining the skyscrapers in the city.

Oh, the amenities, the infrastructure and the quality of construction, are other ‘tall’ claims that THE 42 can safely make.

The Clubhouse at The 42