Most real estate websites will come back to you with reams of technical jargon about specifciations of the building. Of course, such specifications are important to compare with other properties which you might be considering. However, the core principles that drive the organisation to create top-of- the-line property are equally important.

The 42 is designed to be the one of the most discerning buildings of the city, not just for the height, which of course it its calling card, but also for the superb quality, latest technologies and the mindset of the builders to develop an iconic property in every way.

So here’s the laundry list of the specifications which we mentioned earlier:

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THE 42 Foyer

THE 42 Foyer

Dining Room of the 42

Dining Room
Lobby of The 42

The Family Space Adjoining The Living Room, The 42

The Family Space Adjoining The Living Room