Timeless Chowringhee

The Old Writers' Building

The Writers’ Building, Yesterday

Current view of The Writers' Building

The Writers’ Building, Today

Whiteaway Laidlaw Building, Yesterday

Whiteaway Laidlaw Building, Yesterday

The erstwhile Whiteaway Laidlaw & Company housed at 5 & 6 Chowringhee Road in the late 1800 was probably a precursor of how the area would become a commercial hub for the next couple of hundred years to date.

The old Chowringhee Road

Chowringhee Road, Yesterday

The bustling corner of the Whiteaway Laidlaw department store in the 1940s, you can still find glimpses of this as you walk around the New Market area, except the fashion might have changed with the times.

The Oberoi Grand

The Oberoi Grand, Today

What is iconic in this photograph? The over-observer may say the yellow ambassador taxi, a moving icon of Kolkata. Do you spot another icon here?

Old View of Firpo's Restaurant

Firpo’s Restaurant, Yesterday

Firpo’s. Famously known for selling ‘imported’ fabrics to the city’s fashion forward, it also boasted of a popular café well known for its cuppa.

The Maidan

The Maidan

Yet another iconic transport mode of Kolkata, the tram continues to ply more-or-less the same circuit that it did when it began. The other city which has a working tram is San Francisco.

The Jewel of our Crown, The Taj of Kolkata

The jewel of our crown, The Taj of Kolkata

Victoria Memorial. The center of the all landmarks and the one of which you can enjoy an unobstructed view of from none other than the newest landmark in town, THE 42.