A Padma Bhushan awardee, Architect Hafeez Contractor needs no introduction. A quote from the New York Times reads, “Stylistically, Contractor’s buildings have no signature, save a penchant for glitz.” An apt penchant when it comes to designing The 42.

Subir Basu, a prominent architect from Kolkata is also part of the illustrious team of The 42. Together the two form the core team to create a landmark in the city we love.

Architect's view of The 42 Chowringhee
Dreams are made of this.. an architect’s view!


MEP Consulting Engineers, Mumbai come on board The 42 core team with fifteen years of experience in the specialized field of MEP.

The façade work of The 42,is managed by BES Consultants from Mumbai & Singapore, both cities are known for its skyscrapers.


Urban landscaping is no small feat.

Design Cell, a 30-year old, highly renowned landscaping agency is part The 42’s team which ensures that the landscaping of the property will be just right for the residents’ visual delight.


With a belief in the best, The 42’s structure and geotechnics are managed by a team from Magnusson Klemencic Associates, Seattle, USA along with three Indian partners as listed below:

  1. J & W Consultants, Pune
  2. IIT Mumbai & Jadavpur University, Kolkata and
  3. Geocon International Pvt. Ltd.


The multitude of experience at Alcove Realty, and their penchant to do interesting projects in Kolkata, makes them the perfect partner for the development of THE 42.

More information about the Alcove Realty can be found at


PIA Interior Co. Ltd from Bangkok, Thailand works closely with the rest of the team to bring together a unique combination of art deco meets modernism theme in the interiors of The 42.


AWA Lighting global experience brings on board the expertise of having worked with some very large-scale projects and is a perfect match to The 42’s core team.


The structure of THE 42 is done by ACC (Arabian Construction Company), one of MENA region’s trusted brands when it comes to construction.

The foundation of THE 42 is laid by ITD Cementation (India) Ltd.


The legal services required by a real estate development can be quite detailed. Saraogi & Co are part of the team at The 42 providing the same.